Private dinning

Private dinners at INKED allow you to privatize and utilize our space for your special lunch or dinner occasions. We prepare and deliver a menu for your function, while facilitating all  aspects of the occasion. Our space and our mind is also equipped to provide a distinct, inventive and fully customized concept for your private dinner and/or event. With a maximum of 120 guests, the 'create a concept' add-on to the private dinner experience will be unique on our end, and effortless on yours.

Chef's table

If you wish to take your private dinner gathering to the next level, we encourage you to trust us by experiencing the Chef’s table. Whilst you and all your guests settle around the kitchen counter, (watching at the edge of your seats we assume) the Chef will be cooking, plating, and guiding you through your very own customised menu. This interactive and intimate addition to the private dinning experience allows for a unique, inspiring and instructive affair. Maximum seating capacity for the Chef’s table is 6 adventurous guests.

INKED is planned and built with the intention of creating memories of a versatile nature. Our space functions as a flexible venue for a wide range of events such as product launches, exhibitions, photo-shoots, gala dinners, private parties, press events, conferences, theatrical or corporate events, award ceremonies, corporate away-days and (if you can believe it) more.

Main space

The vast and unobstructed main space has a 9m (29ft) ceiling with a skylight roof that provides natural daylight, or as we see it, a preservation of nature in a concrete world. The space is well appointed with WiFi, a sound system, soundproofing phonic isolation, a gallery wall with built-in digital projection and AV equipment. Additional amenities include a bar counter, a separate reception area, as well as an array of furniture and tableware that are flexible in their use, and tailored to suit requirements.

Mezzanine kitchen

The mezzanine kitchen is a cleverly created, multi-purpose 35 sq.m. (367 sq.ft.) space which can host events of both cooking and non-cooking employ. In front of the mezzanine kitchen is a 45 sq.m. (485 sq.ft.) event area which can also be used as an extension of space for a myriad of occasions including cocktail receptions, personalized tastings, and team building cooking workshops. The event area, like the rest of our pliant rooms, can be used for both work and hosting purposes.


Situated on the mezzanine floor, the private dining room is the ideal setting for private dinners, meetings, and workshops. It has a seating capacity of 22 and is equipped with a flat screen TV, WiFi, and a sound system. Featuring a floor-to ceiling glass facade that overlooks the main event space, the private dining room can be obstructed from view if needed.

The kitchens at INKED are fully equipped for culinary creation, but are essentially limitless in their purpose. The essence of our kitchens, like the rest of our modular space, is to provide a landing for like-minded, lateral creators. The uses of the kitchen spaces are diverse and can range from concept tests, recipe development, trainings, demonstrations, workshops, client tastings, photo shoots, cookbook elaborations, press/blogger events and various other food related occasions.

Main kitchen

The 80 sq.m. (860 sq.ft.) main kitchen encloses a spacious 6 meter long (20ft) kitchen island. Other features include high quality appliances as well as time-saving cooking technology equipment. The main kitchen also comes with a cold room, a spacious dry storage space, refrigerated tables and designated preparation areas. The design of the main kitchen is highly focused on promoting fluidity and efficacy - no cluster no fluster.

Mezzanine kitchen

The mezzanine kitchen is an intimate yet capacious area. Designed as a demonstration kitchen, it is ideal for smaller events, interactive dinners, cooking classes, or photo-shoots. It is fitted with a professional 35 sq.m. (376 sq.ft.) kitchen, and equipped with marble countertop working stations with flexible functions. The mezzanine kitchen area includes a multipurpose event space, which can also be used for various doings such as hosting, presenting, tasting and more.

Chocolate room

With such a name as the chocolate room, this is the place where dreams come true. The 15sq.m. (162 sq.ft.) chocolate room is adjacent to the mezzanine kitchen and is fitted with humidity and temperature controls. It comprises an ice cream machine and a chocolate tempering machine in addition to other chocolate, candy, and pastry-specific equipment.

To boost employee performance, reward a team’s accomplishments, build company loyalty, or simply to have fun together, we propose different kinds of team-building activities, all revolving around the culinary world. Depending on the goal, team-bonding and building activities can either be competitive or collaborative. But in the end, there will always be a winner and a gainer.

For more details about the different types of team-building formats and activities we can propose, contact us.

The types of services provided at INKED are directly tailored to your needs. Whether your endeavor calls for a project manager, a concept creator, or a wizard, we can provide assistance with all phases of the operations.

If you already have a clear concept in mind, we can manage the execution of your event by outsourcing and managing suppliers, as well as handling the space coordination, logistics, and the food & beverage menu development.

If what you require is a head-to-toe creation, we can undertake all aspects of production from conception to completion. We can elaborate a concept, submit proposals, and eventually design, plan, and manage your event. Intricacies include concept creation, budget management, vendor and contract negotiations, supplier logistics (pre & post event), and a faint trail of pixie dust.