Jun 01   -  Jun 09  

INKED dinner series #5

Step inside a unique Berber Iftar experience this year during the holy month of Ramadan 2967, the year of 2017 as per the Berber calendar.

For Berbers or Imazighen of North Africa, food and the very process of eating revolve around both sharing and community. Many tribes still eat from one plate and drink from one glass, extolling the virtues of kinship, unity, family and togetherness.

With a minimalist design and a generous experience that is representative of the Amazigh culture, we hope to create curiosity towards one of the world’s oldest known tribespeople.

The four course sharing menu will be a thoughtful adaptation of traditional dishes inspired by the gastronomic heritage of North Africa. Staple ingredients will be used such as argan oil, vegetables, spices, couscous as well as traditional Berber cooking techniques, utilizing low and slow methods and the preserving of vegetables and fruits.

“Amrehba sisswène” – “welcome” to Ramadan 2967

The experience is priced at AED 300 per person and includes a four-course menu and hot and cold beverages (a vegetarian menu option will be available if requested in advance during the booking).

INKED can also be privately booked during Ramadan, both Iftar and Suhoor.

For more details contact bookings@inked.ae or +971- 50 845 1359